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20 Things You May Not know About Ten
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Mobile Phone

"Hi, this is the Doctor. If you've reached this number... well, quite frankly I have no idea how you've managed to get ahold of it unless you happen to be one of Martha's friends still using her old number. In which case... sorry, the phone's mine now. Anyway! If you'd like, you can leave me a message, which I will probably not pick up for a while as I'm probably off being brilliant somewhere.


Mobile number: 07700 900461 (It's Martha's old one :B) || Private, (and he doesn't use it often) but ask Ten (or Donna) and you might just get ahold of it. It's a Superphone that works everywhere in the universe, so no country code is required~
Email: timeywimeystuff@wrabbitmail.net || Easily available
IM: timeywimey10 || Easily available

You know the drill, guys! Leave a comment with email/text/voice mail or whatever in the subject line, and mess around that way. :P (And I fully admit that I stole the wrabbitmail.net concept from a Big Finish novel >.>;)
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/STICKIES, UNDER CONSTRUCTION oh god this will take forever let us rock

Good friend.
Companion material.
Suspicious/wary of.

and an awful lot of running )
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[ I am very lazy with RLs today so The Doctor is currently sitting at a table in one of the Orbital Elevators on his adopted world, eating a banana split and swinging one leg thoughtfully. He's waiting on Aradia so they can give this time travel with a passenger thing a go. The Doctor has to admit, he already likes Aradia, a lot, and it'll be nice to a] travel around with another alien, 2] - no wait, b] - travel at all, and c] travel through time again to boot.

Truth be told, he's still a little bitter that he's stuck in one place and there's others who can still world hop or time travel. It's stupid, he knows, but he can't help it. He's not made for sticking around in one place, no matter how much he loves the Krung Threp crew, and it's slowly driving him mental. He misses it, and he misses the TARDIS more, and it's getting to him.

Still, this isn't the time to think about that. Today's for fun, he thinks determinedly as he eats another spoonful of banana split. At this point, he's just happy to get somewhere new and see a friendly face. ]
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[Well, Edgeworth had said that the Doctor could have the run of his apartment - or well, the media sections of it, and the Doctor had been more than happy to take him up on that offer. For starters, as lovely as the Lagrange base lot were and as much like family as they were to him, he was going crazy cooped up in that base. Not just from the cabin fever, but being stuck in one place with not much to do was giving him far too much time to think. Getting off of it for a bit, grabbing a world-hop and exploring someone else's very extensive, other-universal media library would be a welcome change. And Edgeworth did have a very nice house.

Currently, the Doctor was knelt in front of Edgeworth's very extensive Steel Samurai collection, reading the backs of the boxes with interest. He'd heard the show mentioned in passing before by one or two people on Edgeworth's world, and he'd never really though much of it, but there was no denying that it definitely wasn't anything that existed on his own Earth, or, come to think of it, any others on the community. And well, that just made him even more curious, especially given that he'd already gone through five books already (one of them had been an Agatha Christie novel that he'd read a lot already, but there was no harm in revisiting your old favourites). Seeing something completely new, he reflected, would be a breath of fresh air, and he couldn't suppress a grin at the thought that Edgeworth of all people was a secret enthusiast of shows with neo-olde-samurai as protagonists.

Now, if only he could figure out which one to start with...]
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[Okay, so a hazard of piloting an outdated (but still good!) TARDIS on your own when you were essentially a self-taught pilot was that sometimes, you overshot the mark a little - by a hundred years, a hundred miles, or occasionally something a little more serious.

But he was pretty sure he'd never managed to accidentally overshoot his entire universe before. Although in fairness, that had been before the community got involved, and come to think of it he
had accidentally crash-landed on Jacky's ship before...

Okay, so maybe it wasn't the first time. But still, it was a worse oversight than usual. Still, since he'd landed here now, he thought he might as well have a look.

It was when he stepped out of the TARDIS that he had to blink a little and double-check. Because if he was not very much mistaken, he'd just landed somewhere that thousands of people would give their left arm to go to. Namely, the back garden of the Burrow.]

... Ah. Right then.

[He can't quite stop himself beaming as he stands there looking around at the place, though.]
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"And then Doctor - oh, but then..."

The Doctor frowned as Carmen spoke, her worried face speaking volumes about the prophecy she was seeing before she'd even made it. Whatever she was about to say, it couldn't be good. Not that it was good already - he'd already heard that your song is ending soon lark once before, from the Ood, and hearing it again just strengthened a horrible suspicion he had about what that meant.

And then she actually came out with the rest of it. "He will knock four times."

And this time the Doctor just stared at her as she walked off, her expression dark, back home to her chops and gravy. He could feel Itsuki looking at him - and that was enough of a problem in itself, having Itsuki around to hear that. For now, though, he'd do whatever he did recently with situations like this.

Avoid them until he had more time to think.

"Come on," he said abruptly, "Back in the TARDIS. We've had quite enough excitement for one day, don't you think?"
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So. Interesting Christmas this time round, although to be fair, when isn't it, really. I spent my day in 1851 battling a giant Cyberman in Victorian London, and after all of that I got invited to Christmas dinner with a man who thought he was a future version of me but wasn't. He was brilliant, though. Wouldn't have minded if he had turned out to be me, in the end. For one thing, he managed to change my mind, and there's not many people who can do that.

How's everyone else's day been?
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[To say that the past few days had been... interesting... would have been an understatement even by the Doctor's standards. Dealing with unstable and unsavoury people was part of his everyday life, but when said person was someone you saw as a son, under the effects of a virus, it was rather different. Especially when said person was also intent on apparently wrecking all his relationships.

Including the one that he was already wrecking by sheer virtue of his own obliviousness.

Still! Damage control was in order, and since he wasn't in the mood to have any part of the might of Celestial Being brought down against him - and since he was also pretty sick of the obliviousness and moping of certain people who he would not name - he was now busily piloting the TARDIS towards Lagrange point 3, circa 2309.

If truth be told, he'd known this would probably be coming for a while, he thought glumly. Even if this visit was temporary, he knew it was only a matter of time now before Lockon also left the TARDIS for good to go back to the organisation. He hadn't thought it would be quite like this, but... he still wasn't relishing the thought of him leaving, whatever way it happened.

No point in thinking about that though, not when there was going to be some sort of 'throwdown' once they got there. He busily piloted the TARDIS, throwing a final lever so that it materialised right on the Lagrange base.]

Well, here we are.
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- this will probably never be used BUT in love/crush rofl
- Means that he considers you part of his family!
- Considered a really close friend. ^^
- Considered a good friend!
- Means that he considers you to be a friend, which really isn't difficult.
- Has talked to/considered an acquaintance/neutral opinion of.
- Grey means either that you've earned his dislike, or that his relationship with you is very complicated. lol Master lol
- He quite honestly either hates you or considers you an enemy. You have to have done something pretty bad to have ended up here, honestly.

SO WITH THAT IN MIND, and including dropped characters that he's built CR with (in {}s):

Allonsy~ )

Last updated: 17/09/2009

EDIT: Please leave me a comment if I have forgotten someone! >.
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[The flash of the future for the Doctor comes in a different way than for most. For a start, rather than a single scene, it appears to be a few extremely quick flashes, not all of them accompanied by images but sometimes just voices.

A woman's voice, worried but final-sounding:]
You be careful now. Because your song is ending, sir.

[And this changes quickly to an image of the Doctor himself, in an orange spacesuit, looking furious:] They said I was gonna die. They said "he will knock four times" and I think I know what that means, and it doesn't mean right here right now, 'cause I don't hear anyone knocking, do you?!

[And again, the scene shifts, but this time there's no sound. To anyone who knows the Doctor or the TARDIS, they might recognise the surroundings as the TARDIS wardrobe room. An unknown man stands in front of the mirror in there, straightening a bow tie rather nervously before the image simply melts away.]


[the Doctor is quiet for a long while before he mutters one word.] ... Spoilers.
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Feldt, if you're reading this, can you reply? And for the record, I'd prefer if you did so sooner rather than later. I want to know where you are and if you're safe, alright?

And if I really am as brilliant as I like to say I am (and let's face it; we know that I am) and my hunch is right - if Tieria's with you, and you two are where I think you are, can you tell him from me that he's absolutely barmy and that the two of you have got to be careful, alright? The two of you haven't half caused a commotion! I think that Nena might have actually damaged my eardrums with all that shrieking.
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[The Doctor had set a course for Pete's World - now that it was connected to the community again, it wasn't exactly rocket science. Well, it was, but that wasn't the point. It wasn't the point, either, that he was pretty much breaking every rule that he'd set down for both himself and her the last time he'd seen Rose. Either way, he was on his way there, and no one else would be any the wiser.

Well. He thought he saw Donna give him a knowing look out of the corner of her eye when he sent the rest of the family off to go and have fun somewhere while he "looked into a small something" - but the inevitable talk could wait until later.

For now, he waited next to this universe's version of the Thames - which, he noted, seemed to be slightly cleaner than the one the London of his universe had to offer - and waited.]
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[The Doctor still wasn't sure what to think about Haruhi's latest misadventure. On the one hand, he was relieved that she was still alive and, he hoped, unhurt - it could have ended a lot, lot worse. Besides which, he was intensely proud of her for going to help a friend in need, and at least she'd left a note so that he didn't go running about the TARDIS like a headless chicken like he had done quite a few times before, which was always a good thing.

On the other hand, she'd been avoiding them all since she'd got back, and he couldn't help thinking that something had happened which she wasn't telling them about. She'd been spending a lot of time in her room, for one thing...

Nothing more to it, he'd have to do a bit of quiet investigating, just to put his mind at rest. He sighed and rubbed his eye before letting himself quietly into her room and sitting on her bed.]
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So. It would seem we've got some sort of virus going around again. A mind-reading virus? Thought projection virus? Whatever it is, it's giving me a dreadful headache. It's just a tad annoying, wouldn't you say? I mean, I don't know about you, but quite frankly the idea of someone being able to read my mind is more than a little uncomfortable.

Typical, the one virus which is actually a bother and a nuisance for me to get hit by - not that any of the others weren't but this one is really taking the mickey - and I get hit by it. Not to mention that now I can hear all those other minds chatting away up here. How many must that be, a hundred? Two hundred? Feels like it at least. It's bad enough when they're on the edge of everything, now they're just there! In the thick of it!

... Aaaand this is not a good show of keeping my mind blank. Come on, Doctor, think. Or rather don't, actually. Blank thoughts. Blank blank blank.

So, what I mean to say is, if anyone needs me, I'll be in the TARDIS, trying to keep the old mind blank. So any world-threatening emergencies will just have to wait! Or not, as it happens. We'll see about that. - no, blank thoughts.



... now I just sound like Setsuna.
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[The long-awaited party, which has mostly been of Donna's design, or at least organisation, has ended up being held on a friendly alien planet that among other things, features a mini private theme park that can be hired out to groups. The main party is taking place inside a huuuuge party room which opens onto a small garden that features some of the local wildlife - a type of plant that blows huge, completely natural bubbles at random moments. Since the room's been hired out for... a while, let's say, there's some lanterns set up outside for when it starts getting dark.

Inside the room itself, there's a large table laden with more than enough food for all the guests, some of which looks distinctly non-Earthling. This includes the largest birthday cake ever (of course the Doctor insisted on a cake). Balloons are scattered in the corners and there's a currently silent and unoccupied, slightly alien looking music system waiting to spring into life.]

((OOC: Okay guys, here's the deal: this works a little like an event post in that you can get your character to start their own threads and reply to other people's - otherwise my post will end up dead with one huge thread and everyone else will get bored. XD; This post is open to any of Haruhi's friends and "family" to drop by, as Ten will have been sure to let them all know where it was! Have fun! ♥))


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